100 Years of Scouting with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the broadcast of the 100 years of scouting with the LDS church, click here!  It was really good.  My favorite part was the song the boys sang to their mothers about how really it was the mothers that earned the Eagles, only they gave the badges to the boys (27 minute mark)!  How true that really seems!  I’m not sure I’ve got it in me for four more little Eagle trails!

Coming off the heels of Dalton’s Eagle Court of Honor, they asked if I would help with a display table… I didn’t have a lot of vintage stuff, but I think we put on a pretty good display, none the less!!  I had a few ladies in the ward loan some of their special scouting stuff to help pull this all together.  This would be a great idea to use for any Court of Honor or scouting display.

It pretty much explains itself!  I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures….

photo 3

Cubs table…Although it’s hard to see, there is an “Arrow of Light” award, which is an actual arrow on a clear display case in the center.  There are two derby cars hot-glued to a board on a stand, in case you’re wondering what those are!

photo 2

A little DVD presentation made by our bishop showing tons of scouting moments with the boys along with music.  He does an amazing job with this sort of stuff. Wish I knew how to do it!

photo 1

Our Scouting end of the table… This is basically what I did for Dalton’s Eagle Court of Honor… only not quite as much. I had a label for each one of the merit badges he had done… here, because of the lack of room, we only did a small handful!

photo 4

A little closer look at things.


Dalton’s Eagle Court of Honor


Tonight’s the night! This is my boy, Dalton.

Well, for those of you who have been wondering if I am still on the planet… Yes!  I am!  We’ve been super busy over at our place.  We planned and held our oldest son’s Eagle court of Honor.  It was completely exhausting, but I would do it again in a heart beat!  If you get some time, and if you would like to, take a look at our pictures!  I finally got them posted.  We had Dalton’s Court of Honor last Friday, and it turned out so beautifully well!  It was truly a tender mercy from our Loving Father in Heaven.  We spent countless hours preparing for this.  Many nights I never went to bed until midnight while still maintaining a 5 a.m. wake up time.  Those quiet, undisturbed hours of the evening were the only time I had to  work on things while the children were asleep.  There are countless people that need to be thanked.  The love and support that we received during this special time, will always be remembered.  I couldn’t even count how many people showed up!  I hope you enjoy the photos.

If you would like to hear the closing song that my daughter and I did, please click here:  Apparently it is a work in progress.  We are trying to upload to Youtube.  Check back soon!


Color Guard…. Attention!


My neighbor made these adorable eagle cookies!


Ice cream bar… We had cones, waffle cones, and waffle cups!


We had Dalton’s picture, an eagle figurine we gave him, and the program on this table. I found the patriotic bandana at the grocery store earlier that morning.


The merit badge table…. There was something to represent almost all of his merit badges. I had typed up the merit badge signs… I will be keeping each one of these, as I have four more boys to do court of honors for!


Ice cream bar…


Ice Cream Bar toppings….Some of them!


The award, pins, and badge.


Dalton with some of his friends.


Merit badge display table in the background. Sorry I don’t have a more clear picture of it.


Aunt Heidi, with Brock and Rhiley!


Working to get everything ready.


Dalton’s Varsity coach. We asked him to conduct for the evening.


The color guard “guarding” the flag during the pledge of allegiance. After the pledge was said, they saluted the flag. The two cubs on the right are our boys. They did a really good job.


Being from New Mexico, I wanted to stick with a Native American theme. We had the Order of the Arrow come and do a presentation for an Eagle ceremony. The little kids all liked it a lot!


They invited Dalton and others who wanted to, to come up and do a dance with them.


More dancing…


This was the program we typed up. I printed it off on some old bond paper I had and it looked great, especially with the eagle watermark on it.


My boy! He actually has two more badges he had earned before this night, but they didn’t have them to give him yet.


Our district representative who presented the Eagle award.


Dalton giving me the mother’s pin. I have this awesomely, cool ribbon that has all my boys’ mothers pins on it.



Sure love my boy!


Giving the father’s pin to his dad.


One of my favorite parts!


Pinning the Eagle Badge on Dalton. I did one side and Ed did the other side.


Ed doing his side…


Ed, telling of some of his memories with Dalton and scouts…


Ed and I got to put the new Eagle Scout neckerchief on him.


Our bishop….


Dalton taking the Eagle oath….


Pinning the mentor’s pin on his former scout master…. This man is a miracle worker with young scouts.


Wow! Lots of eagles in our “Eagles’ Nest!”


Ali and I doing the closing song. We played “The Star Spangled Banner” We had the audience stand. The song was about 4 minutes long. It was quiet and somber. Many told me later it gave them time to reflect and ponder. It was a great way to end the Court of Honor.


Party time!


Dalton with one of his good friends!


Time for the good stuff!


Little Brockers caught with a plate full of junk food! Oh well… it’s only one night!


No scouting experience is complete without Dalton’s camping hat. It has gone to every camp out he’s been on. It has been the source of much teasing, pranks, and tricks, but it’s totally Dalton!


Another close up of the merit badge table. I made one of these cards for each of his merit badges.


More shots ….


This table was for his scouting pictures, derby cars, awards, and posters of his eagle project.


More on the merit badge table.


Pictures and awards.


I had this big old frame kickin’ around home. I found some old bead-board paneling in our basement, cut it to fit the frame, sprayed is with black spray paint, when it was dried I “gorilla glued” it to the frame. I then hot glued each of his badges onto the board. They can easily pop off if necessary with no damage to the badge.


I have a technology handicap…. I can’t do anything with computers hardly!  I thought it would be cool to do a DVD with music showing his photos. I ran out of time and energy, so I did what I had the resources to do. I made a poster board. After looking back on things, I think I would still do it that way again. It was nice to just have the pictures there to look at.


I had Dalton’s name done in vinyl lettering for his award board. I also had them make me up a few other signs as well. I had an old tile from our home and so I had her type up “On my honor.” What I would give to have my own vinyl machine!


The only picture I have of Dalton’s Arrow of Light ceremony. We had the Order of the Arrow boys come back then as well!


Vinyl letters, a blue frame hangin’ around, and yellow copy paper…. Did all right, if you ask me!


I actually didn’t keep any of his derby cars…. so we used his little brothers’ cars.


If he ever wanted to glue his Eagle Pin onto this board, there is room at the bottom for him to do that.