Halloween 2016 — Disney Villains!

This Halloween was CRAZY!  I usually start back in July, since I hand make all the costumes…I am not joking when I say I started three weeks ago!  I was so grateful that I was able to go “shopping” in my Halloween costume closet!  It really helped save me a lot.  One thing for certain… sewing a double sided cape…. Is just too much!  I don’t ever want to do that again…. EVER!  I had TWO!  I can’t tell you how many times I had to reload a bobbin!!  I will be forever grateful for all the people who donated material to the DI!  I am amazed at how much I was able to find there!  Sheets from Walmart work great also!  All things considering, I think we made it!!  Not sure if this will be our last year or not!  I hope you will all enjoy!


Trying to smile nicely!


Doing our crazy pose!


The wicked, evil Prince John!


Hades…. straight from the underworld!


Miss DeVil


Malificent trying to look evil!


She is just too sweet… evil does not become her!


Captin Hook’s sidekick Mr. Smee from the movie “Hook!”


Doc Terminus from the old 1960s Pete’s Dragon!





The wicked queen from Snow White!


Jack Sparrow! I know… it was stretching to call him a villain… but I ran out of time!



Me and my best friend! He is such a good sport!


Costumes all off and arms around Daddy’s neck! Best photo ever!


Halloween 2015 — Super Heroes!

Well…. good grief!  It has been ages since I have been on here.  My life is crazy right now!  Managing seven children with busy schedules of their own, a husband, a house, and life in general is just so much!  Blogging has not been on my priority.  I am so sorry!  However, I did want to post our Halloween pictures!  After all, Halloween is what we do!  It is probably why I haven’t been on here forever!  I am going to try to repent and see if I can prioritize some more time to get back on here. With that said, and without further delay, here are the Griffin 2015 Halloween photos in all their Super Hero glory!!  If you want tutorials…. not sure that’s going to happen!  If you really want to know how one was done, let me know and I’ll see if I can walk you through it!


All of us doing a Super Hero pose…. 


Because I’m “Batman…..”



What super hero cast is complete without a Black widow!  My daughter rocked it pretty good!



What boy wouldn’t want a bow and arrow and cool sunglasses!  Hawkeye!



To infinity and beyond!!!  Superman!



Spiderman!  Ugh…. I embroidered that entire web design on the front of his shirt.  While it looked cool… it took FOREVER!!!!



All she EVER wanted to be was “Batgirl!”  She would go to primary and tell everyone that her name was Batgirl!  



Captain America — Winter Soldier!



These stripes were painted on to his shirt and a huge white star applique was sewn on it.


We definatly needed a Thor.  His costume was probably the most complicated!

CAM02092 (1)

Well…. Wonderwoman needed to be modest… and warm… and she needed to dress her age.  The coolest was the shoes!  I took a red soccer sock, sewed a white band of elastic down the center (by hand) and then painted my heels red and hot glued some elastic on the shoe so that it looked like a continuation and from a distant a boot!  Pretty darn cool!

 CAM02096 (1)

Halloween 2014 — Great Disney Duos!

Well… the time has come.  I have been sewing and searching the second hand stores for a month or more…. Yesterday was the first day I didn’t have to sew something!  My poor machine needs a much needed rest!  But here we all are!  Another fun year!

You know, many people ask me, and I have to admit, I ask my self…. “WHY!”  It is only one night!  Why go to all this extreme?  Well, this is our 5th year of choosing a family theme.  For our family, we do not get the luxury of going on vacation.  We do not participate in sports… my oldest just started swimming about a month ago, and that has been it!  I can’t even put my kids in music lessons….However, I wanted to do SOMETHING that my kids would be able to look back on and remember throughout their lives!  We vote early in the year and we buy a little here and a little there.  We do these as cheaply as we possibly can.  I told my children that this might be the last year, and my oldest son about had a fit!  He insisted that I continue to do it until he leaves for his mission!  Since that is only two more Halloweens away, I think I can keep it up for a little longer!



Mary Poppins and Bert! This took a fair amount of time, but it was so worth it in the end! I have had people that I know that didn’t even recognize me! I will see if I can get a tutorial up here soon!

2014-10-28 17.17.25

My pirate! Sadly, she thinks it is not as cool as it used to be to dress up with everyone!


Tonto and the Lone Ranger. This one took some doing because I was using material I already had on hand. His shirt is quite literally pieced together so have enough material to fit him! Thank goodness for embellishments! Tonto had to be modest….AND warm!! The mask was super easy and super fun! We made it ourselves and I will get a tutorial out soon so you can make your own form-fitted mask! We had purchased one from the store, but we opted to use our own…. it was more comfortable to wear!


Since there are nine in our family…. we had to have a trio in there somewhere…..ENTER the Three Musketeers! This was super easy to do. I wanted to find bigger feathers, but I ran out of time, energy, and funds! We were trying so hard to keep within a budget and to use what we had on hand and from previous years.

IMG_20141030_183417689_HDR 2014-10-30 18.28.50 100_1212 100_1206 100_1204 100_1195



Little Tinkerbell! Hated it at first but by the second night, she was trying to dress her self!

Thanks for reading!  I will try my hardest to get some tutorials out if anyone is interested!  Thanks for reading and happy Halloween!  Only 365 more days until 2015!  What are YOU going to be???

Halloween 2013 — Despicable Me!


Well, as with everything else in our lives right now that likes to break on us, our camera decided to die the day before Halloween…. So we were at the mercy of good friends in hopes that they would have a camera that night.  We lucked out!  We were a little late to the trunk-or-treat, so my kids “bolted” when we got there.  By the time I had gathered all my kiddos together for a quick photo, they were halfway done doing their candy thing.  Rhiley has a mouth full of candy and had his goggles off.  Vector’s hair was falling off, and Ethan’s facial hair was having issues… But, here we are in all our Halloween Splendor and “Despicable” glory!

Despicable Me — Halloween theme 2013.

Gru, Dr. Nefario, Sally, Margo, El Macho–the Villian, Evil Purple Minion, Yellow Minion, Vector, and Edith!


Christmas Morning!

How do you do Christmas for seven kids?

Well…. you start back in May or June.  You find the one thing that they are really liking…. You set a budget…. You get them only that ONE thing…. They are extatic over that ONE thing….. No room for complaints…. Children need to learn to appreciate what they have.  In giving them only one very special Santa gift, they have all been pretty good at taking care of their special present….

We have adopted the rule that for each gift that comes into the home, one thing has to go out…. We spent all day Christmas Eve clearing out toys…. We sent a carload to the 2nd hand store.  Do you know how much better this has made my life!!

Christmas simplified….. Best Christmas EVER!

Finally... we are leaving the dinosaur age.... the very first Ipod in the home... Nearly brought the boy to tears!

Finally… we are leaving the dinosaur age…. the very first Ipod in the home… Nearly brought the boy to tears!


She is now ready for a full sized violin! It sounds AMAZING! She’s needed a full sized one now for quite some time.  It was so hard to keep it away from her until Christmas, but it was totally worth the wait!


“Mom…. Santa (wink, wink) can bring me ANY type of train…. that’s all I want!” Train + legos = Best present ever!


Garrett knows his priorities…. A cross bow…. I’ve been picking up nerf darts ever since Christmas! This thing has a wicked aim…. ummm… I mean Garrett has a wicked aim!


Rhiley loves Legos and trains as much as Ethan does… however, he fancies the duplo sized Legos!


Yes… my boys LOVE trains! A little wood set for my little Brock.


Ahhhh! Babies and soft, fluffy stuffed animals! What could be better!


Merry Christmas — 2012

Just 2 1/2 more weeks!!

Life is crazy….. I mean really, REALLY crazy!  A few weeks ago they put my husband in as 2nd counselor in the bishopric.  For two of those weeks, he has only been home on Monday evenings, with activities and meetings on all the other days….. For those of you who may not know what that involves, each LDS ward has a local bishop.  That man chooses, after much prayer and consideration, two men to be his counselors, or helpers.  Yep, the next five years are going to be pretty crazy!  Five years being the typical length of service time for each bishopric.   I am not even going to mention Sundays.  I saw him for approximately two 20 minute intervals yesterday.  He left at 7 in the morning, saw him at church as he sat up on the stand, saw him for a 20 minute lunch break after church, he left for more meetings, then I got about a 30 minute evening visit…. Yep, it’s going to be a crazy ride!  I know this is where he needs to be…. I just hope that I can handle raising 7 little wild ones on my own for the next few years!!  It will be a great opportunity for my kids to see their dad give so much service.  I hope they learn from this and I hope they realize just how much their dad loves his Heavenly Father and I hope that they will be as willing to serve as they grow up.  My little baby will not even know what it is like to sit with her daddy in church.  She will only see him sitting up on the stand!  I am SO grateful for so many individuals who have volunteered and have been so nice to offer help with the kids!  You are angels here on this earth!

We’re Mormons…. We live it….. We love it!

It’s also Halloween time…. This is my busy time.  We choose these stinkin’ Halloween themes for our family and then I have to start sewing!  I do NOT know what I have started here!!  I usually start sewing in September, but with 7 kids, TONS of homework, my dad has been in the hospital as well, a little demanding baby, a husband who is not home very much to help in the evenings, and canning and freezing food items that has taken a priority as well, I am a MONTH behind….

BUT, it’s comin!

The camera is getting warmed up…..

The sewing machine has had the moth balls removed……

The material has been purchased…..

The movie has been watched…. over and over… by my kids…. to help us all get in the mood……

I feel like letting the house work go for a day or two so I can start sewing some more….

It’s going to be……