About Me

Hello!  My name is Amy!  I run and manage our crazy, wonderful family of SEVEN children, a fantastic husband, and one crazy dog!
Here, I will just share some of the highlights of our lives …. This is to be our family journal of sorts…. a documentary of our journeys in life. I do not do this to see how many followers I can get.  I don’t do this to be a brag page of any type.  If you are expecting perfection….. “it’s not gonna happen!!”  Martha Stewart went out the door the moment our family started.  We eat only to live.  Do not expect culinary masterpieces with picture perfect images.   We decorate….to have function.  We are so blessed to live in the home we have, but it is a a fully functioning home.  Every place has a purpose.  There are NINE people living in this house.  Every inch must be utilized to full capacity.  Do not expect anything to be on a magazine cover photo.  It is messy…. a LOT!  Apparently my little lovelies don’t share my enthusiasm for a picture perfect home!  That’s OK.  Some day they will have their own home and perhaps they will think differently!!  We built this home for them.  Dark carpet…scrubbable paint….easy clean-up laminate flooring….etc!  I do try to stay on top of things, but some days it is simply impossible!  It is hectic!  It is crazy!  It is the life that I love more than anything else and I would NEVER change it for the world!  

This is Ed…. The love of my life, my Eternal Companion, and the sunshine of my life!  After nearly 20 years of marriage, I can honestly say that he is truly my BEST FRIEND!  He is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me! He stays super busy with work and church callings…. and we don’t see too much of him, but it’s all good!  He loves the Lord and has a great desire to serve others.  I love him for the incredible man of service to me and to others, that he is!  He always puts my needs and wants first.  


This is my oldest boy, Dalton! We love him to death!  He only has one more year before he leaves for an LDS mission.  That time has gone too quickly!  


This is my second, Alexis (Ali as she is called).  Super opinionated, incredible violinist (when she puts her mind to it) and my right hand help.


Coming in third, is our “little” Ethan….Our future engineer.  He suffers from Dyslexia but I have never seen any child work harder than he does.  His self motivation is incredible!  He will go far in life!


After three children, we decided we needed to pray for patience and the Lord blessed us with Garrett (Gary)…..We are still praying for patience!  He was sent here to teach us things…. I hope we learn them before we die!  He is full of spice!  We love him to death!


Number five is Rhiley! His smile says it all!  He is the most sensitive child…. EVER!  He has a special love for the things of the spirit.  I know the Lord has great things in store for him!


Brock (Brockers) comes in at number six.  He is so full of life!  Six years old now and loving school!


Mattie Lorrain (Mattie Rain, or Rainy) is our little final caboose!  Yes.. this picture is old.  She is now 4 years old and as opinionated and vocal as anyone could imagine.  She is my best little friend.  I will miss her terribly when she starts school!  


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi again, I left a comment on your blog the other day asking for permission to use the photo of your faux brick backsplash, and after posting I realized that my email wasn’t working properly. I am sorry if you tried to email me and received an error message. My email is receiving mail now; thank you for your time and sorry for any inconvenience. My email address is admin@rvinspiration.com.

  2. Hi, I’m starting a new blog to share ideas for renovating and decorating RV’s, and one blog post I’m writing is about how to update the look of honey oak cabinets.

    I was wondering if it would be okay if I used this photo (https://alindalt.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/103_1099.jpg) of yours on my blog with a credit to your name a link back to that page on your website or your preferred URL?

    As I am new to blogging, please let me know if I have breached any rules of blogger etiquette.

    Thank you!

    Ashley Mann

  3. grew up with a mom who fed 13 children and yes…with homemade bread. I tried your recipe and about died and went to heaven (where she is now) cuz it reminded me so much of her bread which she made many loaves of each day to feed her large family. Thanks to my sister Jeannette for sharing this with me via fb. Delicious…

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so glad that the recipe worked for you! We really enjoy it at our house. Thirteen children? Wow! What an angel! I admire any one who patiently raises these beautiful children up in love! I wish I knew how they did it so that I can try to be better at it!

  4. That is the sweetest comment I have ever read!!! We take our 7 children, ONE DAY AT A TIME!!! It’s all good, but it is SO much work! Yet, I wouldn’t do it any other way! Good luck to your husband….it is a huge time commitment but the blessings will come for his service to the Lord! The hardest part was and still is getting used to sitting alone during sacrament meeting with all the children! Luckily my older ones are great to help out…..sometimes!! 🙂 Good luck and thanks for liking my blog!

  5. I’m so glad I ran into your blog. Oh wow! 7 children. How do you do it!? I only have two right now. I love your family. All the kids are so cute! I loved reading your story. My husband and I met at USU! … and… my husband just got called to be the second counselor of our bishopric too! Can’t wait to follow your blog.

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