Golden Spike Historical Re-Inactment

This was so cool!  It happened on the 10th of May, 1869!  The place where the Union Pacific and the Eastern Pacific railways came together!  I have lived in Box Elder County for nearly 11 years and yesterday was the first time I have ever been to this place!  It is only 30 minutes from our home.  I took only one child with me while the others were in school.  Probably for the best.  I do not know how I could have kept my boys from being all over those trains!  My oldest son was in the high school band and they were invited to go play.  We went to go watch him.  So many people were dressed up!  If Mattie and I go next year… we are TOTALLY dressing up!!….because I am a costume freak!!  🙂  Styles of the 1860s….. Here we come!



Posing with the actors who do the enactment!  Holding the “Golden” spike!


The high school band a playin’ away!


More interested in the rocks than the massive huge trains behind her!


My son dressed up as the lone ranger.. but I just thought he was being a goof!  I had no idea we could do it.  They take a photo of all those in costume.  For sure next year!!



One of the main guys… he let her hold the spike!


Just because her costume was awesome!



Many chinese people were there.  This lady was in full Chinese dress.  She wanted to pose with Mattie!  We didn’t have to think twice about that one!