Halloween 2015 — Super Heroes!

Well…. good grief!  It has been ages since I have been on here.  My life is crazy right now!  Managing seven children with busy schedules of their own, a husband, a house, and life in general is just so much!  Blogging has not been on my priority.  I am so sorry!  However, I did want to post our Halloween pictures!  After all, Halloween is what we do!  It is probably why I haven’t been on here forever!  I am going to try to repent and see if I can prioritize some more time to get back on here. With that said, and without further delay, here are the Griffin 2015 Halloween photos in all their Super Hero glory!!  If you want tutorials…. not sure that’s going to happen!  If you really want to know how one was done, let me know and I’ll see if I can walk you through it!


All of us doing a Super Hero pose…. 


Because I’m “Batman…..”



What super hero cast is complete without a Black widow!  My daughter rocked it pretty good!



What boy wouldn’t want a bow and arrow and cool sunglasses!  Hawkeye!



To infinity and beyond!!!  Superman!



Spiderman!  Ugh…. I embroidered that entire web design on the front of his shirt.  While it looked cool… it took FOREVER!!!!



All she EVER wanted to be was “Batgirl!”  She would go to primary and tell everyone that her name was Batgirl!  



Captain America — Winter Soldier!



These stripes were painted on to his shirt and a huge white star applique was sewn on it.


We definatly needed a Thor.  His costume was probably the most complicated!

CAM02092 (1)

Well…. Wonderwoman needed to be modest… and warm… and she needed to dress her age.  The coolest was the shoes!  I took a red soccer sock, sewed a white band of elastic down the center (by hand) and then painted my heels red and hot glued some elastic on the shoe so that it looked like a continuation and from a distant a boot!  Pretty darn cool!

 CAM02096 (1)