Leftover Turkey Idea — BRILLIANT!

I am sorry for the poor pictures… I am sorry that this post is about two weeks late…. better late than never (which is really becoming the motto at our place lately!)  This one is just too good to not post.

Maybe some of you will eat a turkey for Christmas… if so you have to try this out.  For years, I have always had leftover turkey.  We try sandwiches, and all types of things.  Usually the turkey is completely dried out and quite frankly, I sit and wonder how a bird can taste so good on one day and be completely gross the next time around, and the third and fourth time around!  That, my friends, is a thing of the past!!!  I have my wonderful neighbor to thank for this fantastic idea.

2014-11-30 16.29.01

Sorry for the shadow… I was doing good to snap this photo!

While you are cleaning up your Thanksgiving dinner, and trying to find containers to put all your leftovers in, try this:  Dice your turkey into small cubes and put it in the bottom of a large baking dish.  We had leftover carrots, so I cut those up into small pieces as well, and layered them over the turkey.  Then I took my leftover gravy and poured it over the top of the turkey and the carrots.  ( You could really add just about any vegetable that you had in with this.)  Then, I took all my leftover potatoes, and scooped them on the top of the gravy… Ah Haa… you see where we are going with this, don’t ya?  Shepherds pie idea isn’t it?!?!?!  I then put tin foil over the top, threw it into the refrigerator.  The next day when we wanted dinner, I took it out, placed it in the oven for a little while, and we totally had another Thanksgiving dinner all in one!  It was DELICIOUS!!!  In fact, it fed my family of nine TWICE!  Once on Friday and then again on Sunday after church!!!  Not one person complained!  The turkey never once dried out!  They lapped it up so fast, I was doing good to get these few pictures!!!  I can’t wait to cook another turkey again….. Leftovers will never be the same! CAM00793