Halloween 2014 — Great Disney Duos!

Well… the time has come.  I have been sewing and searching the second hand stores for a month or more…. Yesterday was the first day I didn’t have to sew something!  My poor machine needs a much needed rest!  But here we all are!  Another fun year!

You know, many people ask me, and I have to admit, I ask my self…. “WHY!”  It is only one night!  Why go to all this extreme?  Well, this is our 5th year of choosing a family theme.  For our family, we do not get the luxury of going on vacation.  We do not participate in sports… my oldest just started swimming about a month ago, and that has been it!  I can’t even put my kids in music lessons….However, I wanted to do SOMETHING that my kids would be able to look back on and remember throughout their lives!  We vote early in the year and we buy a little here and a little there.  We do these as cheaply as we possibly can.  I told my children that this might be the last year, and my oldest son about had a fit!  He insisted that I continue to do it until he leaves for his mission!  Since that is only two more Halloweens away, I think I can keep it up for a little longer!



Mary Poppins and Bert! This took a fair amount of time, but it was so worth it in the end! I have had people that I know that didn’t even recognize me! I will see if I can get a tutorial up here soon!

2014-10-28 17.17.25

My pirate! Sadly, she thinks it is not as cool as it used to be to dress up with everyone!


Tonto and the Lone Ranger. This one took some doing because I was using material I already had on hand. His shirt is quite literally pieced together so have enough material to fit him! Thank goodness for embellishments! Tonto had to be modest….AND warm!! The mask was super easy and super fun! We made it ourselves and I will get a tutorial out soon so you can make your own form-fitted mask! We had purchased one from the store, but we opted to use our own…. it was more comfortable to wear!


Since there are nine in our family…. we had to have a trio in there somewhere…..ENTER the Three Musketeers! This was super easy to do. I wanted to find bigger feathers, but I ran out of time, energy, and funds! We were trying so hard to keep within a budget and to use what we had on hand and from previous years.

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Little Tinkerbell! Hated it at first but by the second night, she was trying to dress her self!

Thanks for reading!  I will try my hardest to get some tutorials out if anyone is interested!  Thanks for reading and happy Halloween!  Only 365 more days until 2015!  What are YOU going to be???


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