Faux Brick Wallpaper!

If you’ve read much of my blog, you would know that a few months ago, I decided to try to paint brick on my kitchen back-splash.  While it turned out, OK, there was something that was just bugging me about it.  I guess it looked too “fake” to me.  I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t want to sound ungrateful, nor did I want to throw all the hours of my work away–believe me it took a long time to do that little paint job!  I debated about whether or not to make it look like board and batten or to put bead-board paneling up there, since I had some left over from some previous projects; but, I knew that it was going to require a super busy husband to get that up.  Not knowing what to do, I started looking around for some ideas.  Well, the other day I happened upon an Ebay store that was selling their faux wallpaper and this particular pattern happened to be nearly 50 percent off!  Wallpaper!!!  I can do that and by my self, too, might I add!  No husband required!!!  And 50% off is a pretty sweet deal!  It got here within three days!

So I put the the little ones to bed that night and went to work!  My kids all thought it was either real or that their mother was an incredible artist!  Wish that it could be the latter, but oh well!!  So without further delay, here is my before and after kitchen back-splash.  Perhaps someday when we have gotten our children into the mission fields, and there is a little extra to spare, we’ll go with real stone, but until then, I am going to enjoy my brick back-splash!


This is what I painted on. It was just OK… I think I made the mortar too thick. Perhaps this is what was bugging me. Too much white!


And the after:


It gives it a much more “softer” look. I guess more of a Tuscan feel. Check out my black stove we found on the classifieds. We spent two weeks cleaning and scrubbing the living tar out of it. We held our breath when we went to go hook it up. We didn’t know if it would work but it did and I love it! We are slowing changing things over to black!  I even wrapped the inside of the windows where the brick was.  It gives it a three-dimension look!  This stuff is so cool!


Another close-up of the brick.


I even put some up in my laundry room. I have an area where I have a counter space and some hanging cupboards above it. It looks really cool! Sorry, no picture of that one yet!



I found a different style and did my fireplace wall as well!  Unfortunately, AFTER I had hung it all up, my daughter sat there looking at it and then asked me if I had hung it upside down…… Uuummmm…. Yep!  Sure did!  Good grief!