Halloween 2013 — Despicable Me!


Well, as with everything else in our lives right now that likes to break on us, our camera decided to die the day before Halloween…. So we were at the mercy of good friends in hopes that they would have a camera that night.  We lucked out!  We were a little late to the trunk-or-treat, so my kids “bolted” when we got there.  By the time I had gathered all my kiddos together for a quick photo, they were halfway done doing their candy thing.  Rhiley has a mouth full of candy and had his goggles off.  Vector’s hair was falling off, and Ethan’s facial hair was having issues… But, here we are in all our Halloween Splendor and “Despicable” glory!

Despicable Me — Halloween theme 2013.

Gru, Dr. Nefario, Sally, Margo, El Macho–the Villian, Evil Purple Minion, Yellow Minion, Vector, and Edith!