100 Years of Scouting with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the broadcast of the 100 years of scouting with the LDS church, click here!  It was really good.  My favorite part was the song the boys sang to their mothers about how really it was the mothers that earned the Eagles, only they gave the badges to the boys (27 minute mark)!  How true that really seems!  I’m not sure I’ve got it in me for four more little Eagle trails!

Coming off the heels of Dalton’s Eagle Court of Honor, they asked if I would help with a display table… I didn’t have a lot of vintage stuff, but I think we put on a pretty good display, none the less!!  I had a few ladies in the ward loan some of their special scouting stuff to help pull this all together.  This would be a great idea to use for any Court of Honor or scouting display.

It pretty much explains itself!  I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures….

photo 3

Cubs table…Although it’s hard to see, there is an “Arrow of Light” award, which is an actual arrow on a clear display case in the center.  There are two derby cars hot-glued to a board on a stand, in case you’re wondering what those are!

photo 2

A little DVD presentation made by our bishop showing tons of scouting moments with the boys along with music.  He does an amazing job with this sort of stuff. Wish I knew how to do it!

photo 1

Our Scouting end of the table… This is basically what I did for Dalton’s Eagle Court of Honor… only not quite as much. I had a label for each one of the merit badges he had done… here, because of the lack of room, we only did a small handful!

photo 4

A little closer look at things.