Toothbrush Board Mount — Pinterest Successful Project!

Well…. I’m sure you’ve all seen them.  There’s tons of pictures out there…. All over Pinterest!  How do people organize their toothbrushes…. Let’s take that one step further…. How do you organize toothbrushes for at least SEVEN people PLUS their flossers?  We’re talking at LEAST 14 spots.  Pretty darn sure they don’t make toothbrush holders that big!

Anyways, I decided to give it a try.  In our house, the toothbrushes for Ed and the kids are used in the 1/2 bath by our back door.  This is because people are usually rushing out the door for work or school right after breakfast and this is a good location for me to help supervise the smaller ones.  We needed something.  I had toothbrushes crammed in a tiny little jar…. half of the time I was confused as to who’s toothbrush belonged to whom?  I know…. not good!  Something had to change.  In my quest for organization, I decided to give this Pinterest project a try.

I found a stud right close to my mirror (PURE, dumb luck!) and I screwed a piece of cedar fencing material to it–which I have had hanging around the garage for years.  If I ever wanted to take this thing down, I would only have two small holes in the wall from the screws.  It hung there in the bathroom for a couple of days until I got all the supplies.  The funny thing was this…. Ed NEVER once asked me why there was a board screwed to the wall in the bathroom.  I think he was simply too scared to even ask what kind of hair-ball idea I had this time!  A couple of days later, I finally found my hose clamps and 1/2 pint canning jars.  I used very short screws to screw the hose clamps onto the post.  I was only able to fit seven on there, but since I usually brush my teeth in my bathroom, and Mattie is still very little, that’s OK!  I have one for Ed and six children.  This way, they know where their stuff is and can put it right back when they’re done!  So far, no toothbrushes have been left out on the counter!  I’m sure that will change when the novelty wears off, but at least I will know who didn’t put their stuff up!


This is a close-up. You need to tighten the hose-clamps as tight as you need them BEFORE you screw them into place, otherwise, it will not hang where you want it to.


Another view…. Seven in a row!  The names are only temporary.  Until they learn where their jar is.  I didn’t want to put names directly ON the jars, as I know they will need to be washed every so often!


One final close-up!

It was so simple and so easily done!  When Ed saw it, he even thought it was a “nifty” idea!  So, I would have to say that this Pinterest idea, IS A WINNER!