FHE — Stengthening our Families!

Well, I guess I had a rather embarassing spelling error on my last post… Rhubarb Dumb Cake…. I guess I had a dyslexic moment… It should read “Dump” cake and not “Dumb” cake….  Thanks, Heidi!

Well, let’s get back to Family Home Evening.  Last Friday and Saturday, we spent HOURS and HOURS picking and pulling weeds in my flower beds.  Sunday, after having a somewhat frustrating time at church, I was preachin’ a sermon to my kids all the way home from church about the importance of getting along, being obedient, minding me, not fighting with each other… you name it, I was preaching it!  As they would say in the South, I shucked the corn all the way down to the cob! I was giving them what for!!  I saw my flower beds in the front yard as we pulled into the driveway, and I had a great thought come to me for family night last night.  I LOVE object lessons and use these for the basis of my Family Home Evenings a lot of the time.  They really drive the point home and it’s so easy for everyone to relate to.


I went out and pulled some nasty real weeds from some of my beds… Obviously I didn’t get to all my flower beds last weekend!  I put them in a great big pot.  I found some pretty fake flowers that I had in the house and hid them in amongst the weeds.  (It was too hot to actually go outside into the flower bed and do the demonstration!)  I told my kids that families are a beautiful thing.  They can be wonderful and a blessing for the entire world.  However, if unattended, the weeds of contention, fighting, disobedience, lies, laziness, and unkindness can take over so that the flowers can not be seen.  These weeds can eventually choke out the flowers and kill it.  I reminded them about Morning Glory and how it just wraps around the plants and binds them and eventually takes over and kills the plants.  They have pulled enough Morning Glory to know what I was talking about.  We decided it was time to pull some “weeds” from our family!

The kids all had to take turns pulling the weeds out of our flower pot!  Each weed had a name:

Contention — It was the biggest and it was likened unto Morning Glory!

Being Unkind — that was a really big weed as well!

Not helping out around the home — being lazy.

I think you can begin to see the point.


After we were all done, we were able to enjoy our beautiful flowers.

So it can be with our families….if we want a beautiful family, we must stay on constant guard to keep these weeds out of our “family” gardens.  My husband liked the lesson a lot as well, and he added that, as with real weeds, if we catch them when they are young, it is so much easier to pull then when they have become overgrown!  Then can the real beauty of our family be seen!