Vinyl Tile Squares Put to Use!

I sure wish I would have took a before picture, but there are somethings I will not subject myself to, and that is the humiliation of showing you what it looked like under my kitchen sink, AND, what my pantry shelves looked like.  SSSOOOO, after HOURS of cleaning out and scrubbing, we ended up with this little project!  We found those super cheap vinyl tile squares at Family Dollar.  We just peeled, cut and stuck them on the bottom of the cabinet and on the shelving in the pantry!  So simple!   I like how much nicer it is than the paper, which usually always rips and tears over time, AND it is super easy to wipe up messes on.100_5072



This is the cupboard under the kitchen sink, AFTER it is all done. SO much nicer! It looked so gross!


Ooops! Someone got caught using the water jug while momma was busy workin’!


That cute, little smile is going to get her in trouble someday!