Tiled Table Runner


We have two simple and fast easy projects commin’ your way today!  I’m only posting two today because I’m not sure when I will get back on here!

First off, Ed and I have always admired tiled tables.  The ones that only have a few tiles here and there!  However, I am not all too keen on the idea of taking a router to my table.  The thought of having grout lines on my table for food to get caught in just does not make me happy, either.  I really wanted something that I can just put hot pots on and not have to worry about all the hot pads moving around with the pots.

I found some left-over 12 inch tile that was left over from our bathroom floors when we built.  I didn’t have any felt, but I had some fleece material (left over from Halloween, obviously!)

I hot glued the fleece to the back of each tile, trimmed it up, and lined it up!  Looks kind of cool!  I might try to cover that end up somehow, either put some trim on it or something.  I think I will find some of those chair fleece circle pads.  I believe that would be a better option.  First, it would get the tile OFF the table so it would not transfer heat to the table, and second, it would make that edge look a WHOLE LOTTA better.  It is really bugging me that I am seeing those fleece parts under the tile.   However, it might be a while until I can go and get some of those and until that time, this will work for now!  I can easily take these tiles off when I don’t need them, while keeping my table top in tack!


Now that I have my post all done, I just thought of something! I am going to replace the fleece with those felt padded circles that you can purchase to put on chair legs, to keep them from scratching the floors. I am not too keen on being able to see the fleece under the tile, and I want to make sure the tile is NOT flat on the table when I put something hot on it, in case the heat transfers to the table!



Well, we’ll play around with this one a little bit more and update the pictures when I get it all figured out.  I guess I am doing this blogging thing backwards!  Oh well!  I think it would look cool if you had different sizes, shapes and colors of tiles.  If you end up trying it, send me a picture my way!