See this?  THIS, is my dinning table!  THIS, is moments before dinner is served!  How did it come to this mess?  This is homework from FIVE children.  We even cleaned some of it up before we took the picture!!   THIS, makes dinner time a complete nightmare!!  Where and what do I do with all this stuff, while we pause for dinner, since it is not finished??  I have had quite enough of this!  I know, school is over in one month!  Something should have been done MONTHS ago!!  How did I go these past eight months with this chaos?

My solution?


I have an otherwise useless, small front room that is too small for anyone who wants to come and visit.  It, right now, is just being used as the music room.  It has a piano, two violins, two guitars, one clarinet, one trombone, and a handful of penny whistles and recorders in it… I know!  Frightening!!  So, I am toying with an idea!  Could my front room be turned into an organized homework station/music room for my kids?  Could this space be utilized into a working, organized station?

OR…… better yet…….


….. This might work out the best!  Could I convince my husband to make a half wall, such as in this photo, with a counter overhang between my family room and my dining room?  The homework could be on this counter… I could even use it for my sewing space, which I am always looking for!  This idea would allow me to keep all the musical instruments in the front room, since they really need to be able to stay in there for their practicing anyway!

Stay tuned!!  Something is in the works!  Please feel free to share any of your ideas with me!  Hopefully we’ll have a reveal here in the next few months or so!