Sock Bun Curlers


Alright!  I do not EVER, nor have I EVER proclaimed to be a hair officinato…. I’m not going there!  My hair has been my Achilles Heal all my life.  It minds just about as well as some of my kids do!  My poor daughters!  However, we lucked out the other day!  Ali has fine middle length hair.  It holds a curl as well as the Sierra holds a snowflake!  One big sock bun is simply too big for her hair.  The sides won’t stay in it all night long.  I had Ali wash her hair and we put some product in it, and then blow dried it nearly all dry.  Just barely damp.  I sectioned her hair into five small pony tails and secured each one with a very small rubber band–not too tightly.  I took about five of my little toddler’s socks (no matches found), clipped the toes off and made sock buns out of each one of them.  I then put each pony tail into the middle of a sock bun (shaped like a doughnut) and started rolling it up.  I pinned each one in place with a bobby pin,  and had her sleep on them all night long.  Sunday morning came, we undid the sock buns, and look how it turned out!  Wow!  A simple, easy hairdo!


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