Family Home Evening — Language

MAINTENANCE –I just noticed the story is gone…. Let’s try the new link!

I came across a story this morning that I think is just wonderful!  I want to share this story with you.  I wanted to share it with my little kids for Family Night tomorrow evening, but we are feeding the missionaries and finishing derby cars…. I don’t think it will happen tomorrow!  So…. I read it to them today after church!   I think it sends the message loud and clear about standing up for what you think is right in the face of danger…. literally!  There are many different situations this could be applied to.  It reminds me of the the following message from President Monson.  Dare to stand alone!

The story is about a young man who is about to enter the army with a promise to his mother that he would never pick up the bad language associated with many of those who are in the army.  When put to the test, this is how his story went:

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Are we brave enough to stand alone?  Are we brave enough to stay true to our values and promises?  Are we brave enough to put our trust in the Lord?