Easy, Homemade Croutons!


Well, I promised my husband and my kids that we wouldn’t work all day today…. since it is a holiday!  However, certain children thought it was a good day to do some cookin’ in the kitchen!  In an attempt to locate some ingredients in the fridge, I realized that my fridge was in a desperate need of a cleaning; however, holding true to my promise to my husband…. I’ll wait another day… or two!  I did, however, notice some dried out bread on the bottom shelf and thought that today would be a great day for some croutons!  So simple!  So easy!  SOOOOO delicious!


Just take and cut or tear your bread up into small pieces.  I had a loaf that had the cover left open and it was all dried out and as hard as a rock!  I took a knife and cut it all up.  Then, place it in a bowl.  Drizzle it with some oil–You could use olive oil or butter, but I didn’t have it on hand, nor did I want to use up my butter for this.  The oil worked just as well.  Sprinkle a packet of ranch dressing on it (or something similar–strictly my taste preference).  Put a spoonful of crushed garlic, and some parsley flakes and give everything a good toss!  You could even use crushed pepper flakes if you wanted a spicy little kick!

Spread your bread out on a cookie sheet and bake it in a 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes or so.  Take it out and let it cool a while; and then, if your children haven’t ate them all, place them in an air-tight container and enjoy!  Sounds like a good night for some soup garnished with croutons!