Amazingly Simple Pan Roasted Potatoes


Pan Roasted Potatoes

I am going to apologize to my faithful followers…. I am going to TRY to post two today, simply because I’m trying to get a lot of my recipes loaded onto here.  I have found that storing my recipes online, is a lot safer than storing them on whatever piece of paper I can find…. trying to keep things cleaned up and out of the reach of seven kids is a challenge, as well.  I always end up loosing something!

Anyways, enough of that!  Who would like to know one of the easiest and tastiest ways to roast potatoes?  It’s really the only way my kiddos will eat them, other than mashed!

Honestly, it is so simple!



Cut up your washed potatoes…. you can either peel them or leave the skins on, if they’re still good!  Obviously red potatoes work best, but I often times use the yukons as well.

Cut them up, put them in your roasting pan.  Pour about a cup of water in the pan.  Drizzle about a 1/2 cup of oil (more or less) on them.  I have never measured!  Season really well with salt– potatoes need a lot of seasoning.

Dump a packet of either onion soup mix or ranch seasoning packet (dry) on them.  My favorite is the onion soup mix.

Toss everything really good!

Cover with a lid or tin foil and let them bake for an hour at 450!

Enjoy…. every…. single…..bite!



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