Snapshots of Life — January 2013

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Just past that tree a little ways is the bus stop….. somewhere! Just love that Utah Foggy weather!


Road in front of our house…. It’s been a long time since we’ve had fog this thick over in our neck of the woods.  Sent five kids and a sweetheart off for the day on these roads… I hope everyone comes home safely.  Apparently, not too far from here, a bus collided with a truck moments before my kids were picked up.  One school south of ours.


White Ribbon Week — Dress up as a book character! Guess who!


Nerd Day for white ribbon week!


What nerdy guy wouldn’t have a proper pocket protector!


Snapshot of my girl!


Oh how stinkin’ cute she is!

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Waiting for the School Bus!


Trying to stay warm while waiting for the bus!

100_4479 2

One day there’s fog…. the other day, snow drifts! Utah weather is wild!