Lion House Rolls


OK…. I was wanting something warm this Sunday afternoon…. We hit a high of 10 degrees and for the life of me, I simply can’t get warm! Imagine that??  I mixed these bad boys up before we headed out for Stake Conference this morning and they were all ready to go when we came home.  When we came home, I shaped them up, let them rise in the oven — a technique I learned from Jamie Cooks It Up, and then we were able to have nice hot rolls for dinner!  I have tried rolling them the traditional way, but I have never had a lot of luck doing it; but, I think I finally have the method down that works for me!  If you’ve never tried Lion House Rolls before, then you are really missing something!  The Lion House Restaurant is famous here in Utah for these amazing rolls.  This comes from one of their cookbooks.

Keep in mind, unless your family is as big as ours, you would probably want to half this recipe.  I make this size of a batch, and then put half of the dough in the fridge so that I can cook up another batch and have hot rolls for dinner the following day.

4 C warm water — you want it just barely hot….

4 tsp salt

2 eggs

1 1/3 C dry powdered milk

1/2 C sugar

2/3 C shortening or butter

4 Tbsp INSTANT yeast

10 – 11 C four (apx)

Mix the water and the milk powder in your mixing bowl — give it a good stir.  Add all the ingredients with the exception of the flour — Put in only four cups or so to begin with.  Give it all a good mix then start adding more and more flour.  I mix mine in the mixer and when the flour scrapes clean off the bowl, then you have enough flour.

Let the dough rise for an hour or two.  Then, put a little bit of shortening or baking spray on the counter top.  (I use grease rather than more flour when I mix it on the counter so that it does not get too much flour in it.)  I love how nice this dough mixes up and it is so easy to shape.

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees.

My favorite way to shape these rolls is just to break off small pieces and shape into balls.  Put them in a greased glass baking dish.  Gently smear a little bit of softened butter on the top of each one.  Place them in the preheated 170 degree oven for 20 minutes.  Without taking the rolls out, immediately turn the oven up to 350 degrees and bake the rolls for about 16 minutes or so.  When the rolls are done, spread just a little bit more butter on the top of the rolls.  They are amazing with honey butter — equal portions of honey and butter!

Be careful not to eat them all, because, now I have to do extra exercises in the morning to pay for my indulgence!

Yep!  Ed thought he'd sneak a roll while I was taking a picture!

Yep! Ed thought he’d sneak a roll while I was taking a picture!