Christmas Morning!

How do you do Christmas for seven kids?

Well…. you start back in May or June.  You find the one thing that they are really liking…. You set a budget…. You get them only that ONE thing…. They are extatic over that ONE thing….. No room for complaints…. Children need to learn to appreciate what they have.  In giving them only one very special Santa gift, they have all been pretty good at taking care of their special present….

We have adopted the rule that for each gift that comes into the home, one thing has to go out…. We spent all day Christmas Eve clearing out toys…. We sent a carload to the 2nd hand store.  Do you know how much better this has made my life!!

Christmas simplified….. Best Christmas EVER!

Finally... we are leaving the dinosaur age.... the very first Ipod in the home... Nearly brought the boy to tears!

Finally… we are leaving the dinosaur age…. the very first Ipod in the home… Nearly brought the boy to tears!


She is now ready for a full sized violin! It sounds AMAZING! She’s needed a full sized one now for quite some time.  It was so hard to keep it away from her until Christmas, but it was totally worth the wait!


“Mom…. Santa (wink, wink) can bring me ANY type of train…. that’s all I want!” Train + legos = Best present ever!


Garrett knows his priorities…. A cross bow…. I’ve been picking up nerf darts ever since Christmas! This thing has a wicked aim…. ummm… I mean Garrett has a wicked aim!


Rhiley loves Legos and trains as much as Ethan does… however, he fancies the duplo sized Legos!


Yes… my boys LOVE trains! A little wood set for my little Brock.


Ahhhh! Babies and soft, fluffy stuffed animals! What could be better!


Merry Christmas — 2012