Merry CHRISTmas! Remember the Reason for the Season!

Today didn’t seem like a good day to do a posting on my blog.  First off, as a mother of a little five year old going to kindergarten, I must say how my heart just aches for those families who have lost so many of their little ones.  I can’t even begin to understand the feelings of loosing someone like that….to send your little one off to school and never get to hug them again.  I am so grateful for the great and wonderful plan of our Heavenly Father.  That, through our faith in him, our families can be together forever…. even after this life is ends.   Our thoughts and prayers are with all of them at this tragic time.  However, thinking of my own kids, this is my journal entry and I want to make reminders of the wonderful things I see in my kids and the things we get to do with them.  You never know when the last day with them will be.

So much has happened in the past little while.  So much, I can’t even begin to mention it all.  We have been working on a live nativity in our area.  This sweet little couple in our ward has this amazing old barn.  We have the primary aged children in the ward put on a nativity.  This year, my son got to be the “tech” guy!  He thought it was fun to be the one to control the lights.  We had a huge tin star from last year that needed a little something.  So, I had Ed drill holes in it and we mounted Christmas lights on it.  It looked so great!  We had young kids perform the music.  My Ali got to perform on her violin for the first time in front of a group.  She didn’t do too shabby!  Hopefully she’ll learn lots in her little orchestra class in school.

I felt unsure of going on with it with the events that happened today; however, what a better way to end this day then focusing on our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We were so worried that things would not work out tonight.  I think we ended up having about 130 people all together show up!  We were rained on, snowed on, and frozen; but there was such a sweet spirit of our savior, Jesus Christ that was with us tonight.  What a wonderful way to share our testimonies with others that Jesus Christ came to this world as a baby,  he grew in stature and wisdom, he served and loved others; that he suffered for each one of us and died for us.  He was resurrected and he does live, and because of that great sacrifice, we too, can live again.  These families that lost their little ones, can see them again, because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  As we think of gifts this coming season, let us not EVER forget the greatest gift the world was given, and that is our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I know I have other pictures on here and they are reminders to me of the things I have done recently.  Take a few moments today, to hug your little ones a little bit longer.  Speak a little bit softer, pray a little harder, love a whole lot more!