Baby Gate Tweak

Can you believe it!  After listing all my troubles a few posts ago…. My dad-blane computer decided to literally die on me.  I guess it was time.  It was nearly 10 years old and it had given this family a lot of use.  We knew its little life was coming to an end.  We had hoped that it would last  at least until after Christmas, but it was not to be.  However, after looking around on the classifieds, we found some young kid who was “gettin’ out of town” and heading to Cal-I-Forn-I-A!  Luckily for us, he was dumping his computer at a steal of a deal!  Can I just say this….. I love Macs!!  This baby is sweet!  It has Photoshop and LogicPro on it.  Two amazing programs that are twice as much the cost of what we paid for this thing.  I just need to find out how to use them!  AND, may I just say, how did I ever get along without I-Photo!  It is the only easy way to get photos off my camera and onto to the computer!

Anyways, enough on that.  I might try to do a few posts within the next couple of days, so please be patient with me.  I don’t do a lot of them, but it’s Thanksgiving and I’ve got some recipes and ideas I would like to post, so we’ll see how much time I have and IF I can do them!

My little girl is beginning to be mobile…. somewhat!  It is near!  She is scooting a bit and rolling and reaching for things.  When our last little boy was learning to crawl, he got familiar with the stairs a couple of times against his own will!  We had this baby gate, but with our carved newel post, it just wouldn’t fit.  I spent all my time trying to keep it straight.  Lifting other young children over the gate, and trying to keep it tight so that the baby couldn’t crawl up to the gate and push it over and have another fun visit with the full set of stairs.  What could I do!  I looked at some other gates online and they were insanely expensive.  My Sweetie came up with a wonderful idea!

We took the gate and a piece of old oak that we had taking up some space…. I was too impatient to paint it, and since this is my last baby, I probably won’t every paint it!  Oh well!  Such is my life!  We had some old door hinges out in the garage.  We screwed the hinges onto the gate and then placed them on the wood.  We screwed the wood into the studs.  Now the gate can be handled with one hand.  It fits in-between the newel post and the first railing.  I usually take some soft fleece and wrap my newel post where the gate hits and just duct-tape it there while the gate it up so that the gate does not damage the wood.  My younger kids can handle it easily and it is tight and secure.  When it is not in use, the gate just swings up against the wall and usually stays close to the wall–when the kids aren’t swinging it open and closed.  Best thing about this, when we take the gate down, there are only two small screw holes.  Easily patched up.  We took the gate out of storage this past weekend in anticipation of our little girl getting on the move.  We saved so much money and have one of the most easily handle child gates out there!