Big Reveal…. Oh, And Happy Halloween!!!

The Hogwarts Special!


Are you ready?

I mean, really REALLY ready?

OK Here it is…..

What else can I type here to make you wait a little bit longer??

2012 Griffin Family Halloween Big Reveal…

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2 thoughts on “Big Reveal…. Oh, And Happy Halloween!!!

  1. Thanks for you nice comment, Natalie. I’m afraid Halloween and repairs is about all I do, also. I’m afraid that if you were to look very closely, you would see just how poorly they are done–no one would want to buy those, I’m afraid!!! I have a giant costume closet I’m fixing up (a wardrobe that someone just gave us) so that I can put all my costumes in them. This year, our neighbor needed help and she was able to come and look through things and get enough for FOUR costumes for her and her children. It’s so fun to see people get excited about Halloween and dressing up. It’s just a fun time of the year! It gives me a break from things and it’s sort of a creative “out” for me as well!

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