What Am I To Learn From This…..

OK…. so I am halfway or so done with my Halloween Costumes…. I decided that today and tomorrow was the day to make the final push.  Quite honestly, I’m tired of my kitchen as a make-shift sewing room and would like to reclaim it back!  I took a few moments this morning to gather all my supplies, and to try to get things set up so that as soon as my kids left for school, I could begin my mad day of sewing….

My machine is nearly 30 years old.  It was my mothers.  It’s a Viking and the parts on this thing are like buying parts for a Volkswagon… SUPER EXPENSIVE!!!  My husband has taken it apart and fixed it and put it together again so many times…. We’ve paid out money for expensive parts because we felt that the machine was still worth it.

Well, this morning, as I went to plug it in, I saw a blue flash in the socket.  I jumped, turned around and looked at the machine, only to see a cloud of smoke coming from it…. this can not be good….

I’ve been sitting here thinking of all the things that we’ve tried to patch up and fix up over the last few years… It’s actually quite a doosy of a list…

Sewing Machine — At least 3 major repairs

Washing Machine — At least 2 major repairs.  With the last repair, we actually purchased an older one from the classifieds to salvage the motor to replace mine.  Can’t even get the serger to work (it was my mom’s as well)

Dryer  — At least one major repair.

Deep Freeze — We’ve paid out $70 for a new thermastat.  Yep, the power bill LOVED that one!

Dishwasher — Don’t even go there with me.  We seem to have problems with them…. We purchased a new one three years ago, and just had to pay out a $170 part to fix it… obviously no more warrantee.  (Don’t EVER, EVER, EEEEEVVVVEEEERRRR buy a Maytag piece of junk, PLEASE)

Disposal — Yep, it had to be replaced.

Sewer Lift pump — Last year, right before the Christmas party… on a weekend… who sells those kind of pumps in Tremonton, in the evening?  NO ONE!!  Thank goodness Lowes is opened late.  We certainly didn’t need sewage overflowing in the basement!

Riding Lawn mower completely died.  Found a newer one on the classifieds.. The push mower had its power push go out on it as well.  Do you know how long it takes to mow 3/4 of an acre with a broken push mower?

Ice maker is busted.  We’ve been filling ice trays for a few years now.

Sprinkler Pumps — We are on our third….coming in at around $400 a piece.

Lift Pump — For the ground water — We’re on our second or third.  Yep, we even had the basement flooded because it went out on us!  That was loads of fun!  Sure costs a lot to relay carpet!

Car Repairs — Too many to mention!  New window mechanisms, brakes, idler arms, tires.  I can’t even think of them all.  Do you realize that for two years we’ve been turning our mini van on with a giant screwdriver?  The cost of a new ignition is out of the question.

TVs — We’ve gotten by with finding old used ones being sold on the classifieds.  Both the VCR and the stereo switches are gone.  You can’t use the play button on the VCR,  you have to use the remote.  Speakers went out on us as well.  Fortunately, someone stopped by with a load of stuff they were taking to the DI, and surprisingly there were some stereo speakers in there that we could use to replace ours.

Toiletes — two of my toilets keep humming.  Ed’s tried to fix them countless times.

We have 5 boys and one girl, as it stands right now, who will be serving missions…. At today’s costs that is $10,000 per mission.  First one starting in 4 1/2 years. $10,000 might as well be $100,000.

One, if not two, of our boys will most likely require braces…. He might just have to have a crooked smile for a while….He also needs to be tested for Dyslexia…

Four out of eight of my dining chairs have broken.  We’ve repaired them COUNTLESS times….

My steam cleaner, of which I use to clean EVERYTHING in my home, just stopped working on me.  There goes my clean laminate floors…. Nothing else cleans them as well as it did.

AND, shall we top things off with a good one?  We were just required by the city to hook up to the sewer.  On account that it was 9 feet deep and that Ed didn’t have the time or the resources to do this, it completely wiped out a emergency savings account of $3000.  Luckily we did have a savings account for that and all the others… Well, no more!

I keep asking myself what we are to learn from this.  It seems as though we try so hard to save what we can.  At only $25 a check, it seems nearly impossible!  I am so grateful for  a knowledgeable husband who is able to fix these things, but is there something else that the Lord is trying to teach us?  All we ever wanted is to be able to meet our obligations, with our biggest goal being of getting out of debt.  Completely out of debt.  It seems so unattainable when everything you have keeps breaking down, and the cost of raising our children keeps going up with the things they need.  So many others have it so much worse.  At times like these, I need to try to look for the many blessings we do have.  For the many times, that the Lord has looked over us, and has provided for us in our times of need.    That Ed even has a job, when so many are without.  We’re grateful, the the only debt we have is our house.  We’re grateful, that Ed can fix so many things around here.  We’re grateful for the things we’ve found at second hand stores, that have helped us out.  For so many kind people who have “dumped” things off at our place, thinking that we could use it, and we have been able to!!

We’ll sitting here crying is not getting my costumes done.  I still have a needle and thread and I can do some things that way…. Chin up!  Show forth my faith, and let’s make it through another day!