Just 2 1/2 more weeks!!

Life is crazy….. I mean really, REALLY crazy!  A few weeks ago they put my husband in as 2nd counselor in the bishopric.  For two of those weeks, he has only been home on Monday evenings, with activities and meetings on all the other days….. For those of you who may not know what that involves, each LDS ward has a local bishop.  That man chooses, after much prayer and consideration, two men to be his counselors, or helpers.  Yep, the next five years are going to be pretty crazy!  Five years being the typical length of service time for each bishopric.   I am not even going to mention Sundays.  I saw him for approximately two 20 minute intervals yesterday.  He left at 7 in the morning, saw him at church as he sat up on the stand, saw him for a 20 minute lunch break after church, he left for more meetings, then I got about a 30 minute evening visit…. Yep, it’s going to be a crazy ride!  I know this is where he needs to be…. I just hope that I can handle raising 7 little wild ones on my own for the next few years!!  It will be a great opportunity for my kids to see their dad give so much service.  I hope they learn from this and I hope they realize just how much their dad loves his Heavenly Father and I hope that they will be as willing to serve as they grow up.  My little baby will not even know what it is like to sit with her daddy in church.  She will only see him sitting up on the stand!  I am SO grateful for so many individuals who have volunteered and have been so nice to offer help with the kids!  You are angels here on this earth!

We’re Mormons…. We live it….. We love it!

It’s also Halloween time…. This is my busy time.  We choose these stinkin’ Halloween themes for our family and then I have to start sewing!  I do NOT know what I have started here!!  I usually start sewing in September, but with 7 kids, TONS of homework, my dad has been in the hospital as well, a little demanding baby, a husband who is not home very much to help in the evenings, and canning and freezing food items that has taken a priority as well, I am a MONTH behind….

BUT, it’s comin!

The camera is getting warmed up…..

The sewing machine has had the moth balls removed……

The material has been purchased…..

The movie has been watched…. over and over… by my kids…. to help us all get in the mood……

I feel like letting the house work go for a day or two so I can start sewing some more….

It’s going to be……




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