EASIEST Method to Clean Window Blinds!

I know…. I know…. School has started and I still don’t have time to be on here!!!  In fact, I have LESS time to blog than ever before!  There’s no one to entertain my little baby anymore…. go figure!!  Anyways, I just wanted to drop a quick one for you and my batteries to my camera just died, so I can’t post my actual photos just yet….. I’ll post them when I can get some good batteries on here and I am in a super, fast hurry this day!

We have family coming this weekend and it feels like I am doing Spring cleaning in the Autumn!  My blinds are HORRIBLE this season.  They have been putting in a sewer and there have been tractors and you name it everywhere!  DUST GALORE!!!!  We have those 2 inch faux wood blinds…. Are they not a pain in the backside to clean????

Solution:  Take your blinds and put them in your tub… fortunately, I have a “garden” tub that has jet holes or bubbles as my kids like to say…. I haven’t tried it on a normal tub, but I don’t think it would make too much difference, perhaps just use the shower option.  I put the blinds in the tub, filled it up past the bubble holes with hot, hot water; poured in a goodly portion of Clorox, then turned on the bubbles!  I then walked away and let it soak and bubble for about 30 to 45 minutes.  It even cleans the cord pulls that somehow turn so black because of the heavy use they get.  It is seriously the easiest method of cleaning blinds!  I’ve used it for several years in my home.  So simple!  I’ll have to try it on our other tub… without the bubble holes just to see how well it works with that one.

Let me know how it works for you!