The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

For the past 3 months, I’ve teased my kids about how I would be singing it’s the most wonderful time of the year this morning as they waited for the bus on the first day of school…. now that it’s here, I’m a little sad.  We’ve had a great summer for us.  We usually don’t get a lot of things in.  My husband’s work is not very fitting for vacations, and IF there is any vacation time, it is usually spent with the scouts rather than us.  He is a great example to me of giving service to others….

We started in April and spent the next 4 months putting in a fence, during which time our garden went to the dogs….. We had a family reunion up at Bear Lake, which my kids LOVED!  I just forgot to take pictures until we were getting ready to leave.  My son was in the marching band and so we spent some time going to parades.  He also went to scout camp this past August and fell in love with it.  He is wanting to go back up there for the next few summers and volunteer and work up there.  Can I really send my baby off for the summer?  He’s got about $10k to raise for his mission.  He’s only got 6 short years and then I will have to say good-bye for two years.  At least I will be turning him over to the Lord at that time for him to watch over!

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My daughter auditioned for the fast track orchestra program this summer.  She had to take beginner lessons this summer to see if she could skip beginning orchestra and go in with the 7th graders!  She made it!  We spent about an hour everyday practicing.  I think she has a real talent there.  I also found some Suzuki books and I’ve been teaching her from those… and no, I don’t teach violin… I’m a piano girl, but I can play along with her and help her to recognize and learn where the notes are.  We are shooting for our first home recital this December (around her birthday time).  I am so grateful for my kids’ love of music.  If I were over the schools, I would insist that music be part of their core learning.  I just hope we can continue to spend the time to practice with her now that school is in.  We just have to make it a priority.  I LOVE to hear violin music and I am just tickled that she has chosen it.

We had the AMAZING opportunity to tour our new Brigham City Temple!  My heart just gets all warm thinking about it.  The kids did so good during the tour.  I asked them as we were leaving what they felt like when they were in there, and without skipping a beat, my 9-year old said “I felt all warm inside!”  Now if that isn’t the spirit testifying of the truth, what is?  I never dreamed we would get a temple this close to us!  It is just a small one but it is all ours.  We will have the opportunities to go and help clean and work in the flower gardens, etc.!  What a great opportunity of service.  We can use that as a great example to our kids and to help them learn to love the temple as well!

We’ve fed the missionaries…. What a great opportunity!  The ones we have now are incredible.  They have such a strong spirit of our Heavenly Father with them.  They are out here for the right reasons.  My kids ADORE these ones.  One is from France and the other is from Jordon….that’s right… the COUNTRY.    Our poor little French missionary has the hardest time with the language because he is still so new; however, he is still a joy to be around.  I love these opportunities to feed them and let them in our home.  I have FIVE boys, all of which will be going on missions.  What a better example than to allow these young men in our homes and to let our children interact with them and become comfortable with what missionaries do.  They are setting good examples for my little ones.  As a side note, they got to march in our parade last week… now you tell me where else can you see the Mormon missionaries marching in a parade!  It was great!

My little 4-yr old celebrated his birthday on Friday.  We went down to Ed’s sister’s home to celebrate it because no one was able to come to our house for the party.  She has a pool and I think the kids enjoyed themselves IMMENSLY!   Birthday cakes, however, don’t travel all that well…. He was determined to have a dinosaur birthday cake!  We had also been given a free family pass for the rodeo, which was the same night!  I LOVE a good rodeo… just a little bit bummed that there was no cowboy poker… Two adventures in one day… wow!  We needed to pace ourselves a little bit better…. we’re not quite so used to doing that much in a week, let alone one day!

Last night, the children all took turns having their dad give them their “school” blessings.  I am so grateful to be married to a man who honors his priesthood.  It has blessed our lives so much.  It was quite cute… the little 2-year old butted in line and jumped up into the chair.  He wanted his daddy to do the same to him…. to give him a blessing.  Have I mentioned before just how lucky of a girl I am?  Well, I am!

I guess you could say our summer went out with a bang!  This morning, I lined them all up to take their pictures…. FIVE children in THREE schools… Am I ready for the homework storm that will be coming my way today?  I’d better be!  Well, my goal is to make up for lost time!  My house needs to be put back in order by 3:30, dinner all ready, and a little something special in the sweet shop for when they come home.  THEN, I’ve got Halloween costumes to start sewing on and Christmas presents to wrap… all of which have been waiting for when little ones head to school.

Have a good one!