Extra! Extra! You’ve been caught going the EXTRA mile!

Sometimes, my greatest thoughts come to me while I’m cleaning!  Today was no exception!  I have a brilliant plan that hit me today…. I certainly hope it works!

If you already know of something like this, than good for you!  Let me know if it works!  My kids are not allowed a lot of gum…. Having said that, it is a real treat when we do get it!  I had asked my older ones to help me out this morning…. School starts tomorrow and so we have been working like crazy to get the house back in order before then.  I couldn’t help but notice how some started on chores without being asked…Some went the extra mile in doing their chores, and others did ONLY what was asked of them and not an inch more…. In desperation, I started thinking of what I could do to encourage them to go above and beyond what they have been asked to do WITHOUT yelling and lecturing… and YES… I sometimes yell…. a lot!  I’m still learning!

It was as if someone turned a light switch on in my little old head!  I know, that can be terrifying at times!  Why not create an EXTRA MILE award!  Tonight, for family night, we will be doing our beans, which was explained in another post earlier.  My husband always calls on his way home for work to see if there is anything I need in town, so tonight I am going to have him bring home a few packages of EXTRA gum.

When my children are caught going the extra mile, they will be given a stick of gum…. (only one stick… an entire pack could break the piggy bank fairly quickly once they catch on to it….)  I intend to give this out during dinner time or right before family prayers…. that way, EVERYONE will be present and can see the positive behavior being rewarded!  Knowing how my children are with gum, I am sure this will catch on fairly quickly!  I might go as far as creating a small 3×5 card with some cute saying with the stick of gum attached to it, but that is just more paperwork for me to have to deal with right now and with the onset of school and five children going, I really don’t have the space, time, or patience for more paper!  If you want to, go ahead and do it!  Wish me luck…. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!