Dry Goods Storage Bins!

Insightful Tip #1

After my last little baby was born, I realized that my life was spiraling out of control in a downward pile of unorganized messes.  I have been trying very hard, the last few months, to try to restore some order to my home.  After all, we are told to “organize every needful thing..” and to prepare a house of order, right?  I am taking this saying literally to myself.  I refuse to be the one that is always forgetful, late, and unprepared…. Boy howdy, this is going to take some doing!  We’re talking about 37 years of well…. not so much organizing and preparedness!  I guess I don’t want my children to go down the same path I took.  I wish I could say I have “31 insightful tips for organizing  your home and everything in it…” but remember, this is Amy that is typing…. I don’t even think I can come up with half of those 31 insightful tips.  So I decided I would just start posting about the things I use and do to help organize my family of nine, and we’ll see how far we get!!  I am hoping for at least 10 ideas!  After all, big families are usually organized… right?

Today I am going to start off with my most favorite!  I use flour like a candy shop uses sugar!  These dinky little counter canisters you place on top of your counters can’t hold enough to even make it worth my time to use them.  The only one that works for me anymore is the salt container!   I ended up breaking more fingernails with the 5-gallon buckets and the big lids than I care to mention.  I know, they have the gamma lids…. but I simply could not fit a lot of those containers in my pantry.  They were too wide.  I  was always having to use this little tool to flip the regular lids off…..if I could find it since my kids liked playing with it so much.   I was desperate for something big enough to hold my dry goods in, yet wanting something super convenient!  Perhaps it is a little TOO convenient!  I’ll explain that later on….

I searched the web all over trying to find what I could use…. I looked into cooking supply stores and good grief!  They were outrageously priced!  It was then that I happened to stumble upon the next heaven-sent item… and I truly mean it is heaven-sent!

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Rolling….. pet food containers!

Brilliant!  You’re supposed to empty your dog or cat food into these bad boys for storage.   Well, we’re not exactly eating dog food here at our house… at least 8 of us aren’t…. (2 yr old is the exception…. ahem….little stinker) but it was the perfect solution.  I paid roughly 18 dollars for each one on Amazon and got free shipping! (I used some of our tax returns for the purchase) and bought 5 of them.  Flour, Sugar, Oats, Cornmeal, and Wheat!   I can fit roughly a 25# bag plus half a more bag into one of these bad boys!  I love that fact that they have wheels.  I just roll them on out of the pantry when I need to use them heavily, and then roll them back in when I am done!  The lid is hinged and it opens up easily and widely so that I can get in there with a big scoop and get what I need!  Perhaps that is why they are a little bit TOO convenient…. many a concoction has been made by my little 2-yr old when he decides to be mommy’s little chef.  He can get into them far too easily, but I just have to remember to make sure the pantry door is fully closed, or else locked… AND he is getting much better at not playing in my flour and sugar as he is getting older!

Happy Organizing!