Baked Potata Soup!

I’m hoping the days are going to start getting cooler… soon!!  One thing I love about Autumn is that is it a PERFECT time for soup!  I have several soup recipes that I like, but the baked potato soup has got to be my most favorite!  Who doesn’t love a baked potato with all the fixin’s on it!  I want to thank my nephew and his wife for this recipe because it is truly delicious!

In a large pot, stir and cook the following:

1 cube of butter (1/2 Cup)

1/2 C of flour

Salt and Pepper  — This will create a “roux” that is needed to thicken soups.  I always do equal flower/butter portions when I make my roux.  Season it well and let it start to cook; but do watch it carefully…it can burn easily.

After that, pour in approximately 7 C of milk to that flour mixture, while stirring swiftly!.   In an effort to save milk for my drinking habit, ahem, I use half water and half milk.  Cut up into small pieces, the insides of your baked potatoes (aprox 5-7 medium sized potatoes).  If I have left overs from a meal, I store them in the refrigerator just for this soup!  I just cut them open and scoop out the insides.  If I don’t have any on hand, then I try to bake them early in the morning.

Add about one small tub of sour cream.  I also use shredded cheddar and mozzerella cheese both… I like it rich and creamy.  If I have dried green onions, I throw them in there as well.  Let your soup slowly simmer until all the cheese is thoroughly melted.  Just before serving, garnish it with real bacon bits, a little bit more cheese, and your green onions, if you didn’t put them in there before hand…. You can cook the bacon in the morning as well… 425 in the oven for about 2o minutes more or less… I never fry mine anymore.  I always end up burning it so baking is much easier for me.  A lot less smoke in my house, too!…. Just ask my smoke alarms!!

Serve it with either toast or breadsticks and you’ll have a delicious meal for a cool autumn day that is sure to be a kid favorite!!