DIY Cell Phone Charging Station!

Like many of you, we only use cell phones…. and YES…. I HATE having cords visible on my book shelf.  There’s no room for them in the kitchen, so we have to store them on our bookshelf in our Family Room.  I started looking around today for a cheap and inexpensive charging station on Amazon…. AGHHH!  Nothing cheap…. and nothing that people would highly recommend!

Enter in CHEAP OLD cubby box I bought at Ross YEARS ago!  I simply drilled some holes in the back of it large enough for the chargers to go through.  I took some small thin pieces of paneling I had lying around and cut it so it was a tight fit and then glued them in.  I used those pieces as a divider between the three different phones to create three different slots for phones.  If I would have had a safe, small power strip, I would have mounted it to the back; however, I didn’t, so you can still see the power cords, but it looks nice enough I really don’t mind.

Now, if I hadn’t been dead-beat tired already from the morning, and if I wouldn’t have so much willing help, I would have taken the time to drill the holes lower so they were less noticeable, sanded them smooth, and painted them to blend in…. perhaps someday I will still do that….. sure!  someday!!  I have so many projects saved for after the children start school again, that I don’t think I will EVER get them done!  My focus this time was easiness and SPEED!!!

I challenge you to look around and see what you have that could be repurposed into something quite useful!