Mouth Watering Biscuits!

Mmmm!  NO knife required!  They just pull apart!

Who doesn’t enjoy mouth watering biscuits!

I came across this recipe YEARS ago.  It was originally a traditional English Scone recipe.  They cut these into triangles, added chocolate chips and sprinkled the top with sugar before baking.  While those were divine, in and of themselves, I couldn’t help but think that, WITHOUT the chips and sugar, they would still make a pretty spankin’ good biscuit.  So I gave it a try.  I’ve only made one other biscuit recipe since then and I threw it out the window after trying it.  It couldn’t even come close to this one!

2 C of flour

1/4 C of powder sugar

1 T baking powder

Mix your dry ingredients together and then cut in 1/3 C of shortening or butter.  Then add the following wet ingredients:

1 egg PLUS enough milk to make 2/3 C of milk — Mix these two items together to equal 2/3 C of liquid, then mix it into your dough.

Do not overmix this recipe.  Use a fork and just barely incorporate the milk mixture into the dry mixture.  You want your dough SLIGHTLY sticky!

“Pat it out” on a floured surface… no rolling pin…. and cut out your biscuits.  I use a very small cup so I can get more out of one batch…. which works fine because my children don’t mind small biscuits.  I place mine CLOSE together in a glass baking dish.  I then bake them in a 450 degree oven for 13 minutes.

These biscuits provide just the right amount of “sugar to help the medicine of boring oatmeal to go down!”  They also work fabulous for biscuits and gravy.  Use them for any meal you like!

I hope you will try them and tell me what you think!