Little Boys’ Room

A few years back, I saw this crashing T-Rex wall sticker and completely fell in LOVE with it!  For any interested parties, I happen to have about 3 – 4 dino-crazed little boys in my house!  I got researching into it and discovered that it would cost a second mortgage just to get it… I hung my head in despair!  After mulling this over in my mind… over and over and over… the wheels began to turn.  In our house that could be a dangerous situation!  Just ask my Sweetie!  Luckily for me, my Ed is a patient man!

I put out a shout-out for anyone who happened to own an overhead projector.  I then printed a copy of the picture onto a transparency.  My dear friend, Lorraine, came to the rescue with a projector.  I set it up down in the bedroom and began to trace….and trace……and trace!  Finally, I was able to get it all drawn out on the wall!  Whew!  The easy part was done!  The drawing sat on the wall for a couple of weeks until I was able to get brave enough to actually do something with all this wall art!  I then got a lot of green and black craft pants.  Then I just started mixing until I got the colors I wanted…(as a side note… do not mix the colors fully… you want them sort of “stripy” so that you can see the two different colors in the paint–I found that this gave the dimensional texture that I was wanting.)  After a few hours, I was able to come up with my own version:

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I actually did two dinosaurs.  As a funny side note, the boys LOVED the T-Rex, but thought the Triceratops was a little frightening!  It took a few days before they wanted sleep down there in their room!

The possibilities are endless.   We ended up free-handing the palm tree in the other boys’ room.  I even painted sea weed on the walls in our ocean-themed bathroom–it has since been repainted a different color so no pictures.. sorry!   My oldest son assumed I was going to draw a picture of the Titanic on his wall… Ummm… that’s still a work in progress!  I traced some trains onto my boys’ wall, but it is not completed, yet either.  If I get it done soon, I’ll have to post some pictures!  Yah, I know!  It takes a LONG time for me to finish some of my projects!  I ended up taking about a year off while I had our last baby and I still haven’t returned to the project… my boys keep reminding me that I need to finish their trains!  Secretly, I have been hoping to hold off until school has started.  That way I will have a more quiet house with less help!  Too many little hands wanted to help paint the walls!  Can you say stress levels at the MAX?!?!?
Don’t let your fears stand in your way of doing something creative!  Your little ones will LOVE it!  What’s the worse that can happen?  IF it does, simply repaint over the art with your regular wall paint and start over; however, I think you will find the process easy enough that it won’t be necessary!  Good luck!  Happy painting, and send me some photos of your projects!