Letter to My Little Ones!

This is for my Little Ones….
Welcome to the Griffin Missionary/Life
Training Center Grounds!
Here, you will be taught the skills necessary to make your journey into the world.  Please understand that your trainers have just barely graduated themselves, and are still learning the ins and outs of teaching!  But know this… they love you more than life itself!  They would never embark on this journey if they didn’t love you.
There will be struggles during your time here.  There will be pain.  Times when things are done and said that will cause pain and anguish.  There will be times when property is damaged. Please know that your learning experiences are worth more than property.  Property can be replaced… sometimes at a painful cost, but understand that your learning experiences are far more valuable to us.  We look at it as part of the training course.  Your trainers may get frustrated but please realize that they are still learning,
as well.
During your study course here, there will be occasional times of testing.  Times when we must leave the training grounds and practice our learning in public places.  Please understand that during those tests, it is easy for the trainers to get frustrated if things do not go as instructed.  Fortunately, you both will have the opportunity to relearn these skills back at the training grounds.  Remember, your trainers are still learning to be trainers as well!  Please show them some patience as well.
There will also be good times.  Memories will be made that you will never forget!  You are training with an amazing group of fellow students.  Some groups are small, but we are lucky enough to have seven amazing students and two trainers in our group!  However, with such a large group, understand that this training course will require EVERY ONE’S cooperation!  There may be times when you feel like giving up.  Do not lose sight of our goal!
There NEEDS to be much studying.  There MUST be much prayer.  There WILL be a lot of fun.  There may not be much funding, but we will make it work with what we have.  If you will give everything to your study course here, I guarantee that your Father in Heaven will bless you and make this the most wonderful time of your lives!
We are so excited to have you in our course.  We love you and want only the very best for you.  Best of luck to you and your trainers!  We’ll see you at the finish line!