Halloween 2010, 2011

OK… Since I have just started this blog, I have some lost time to make up for!

Our most FAVORITE tradition is for the ENTIRE family to vote on a “theme” for Halloween during the summer.  Then we start making costumes!  This coming Halloween will be our third year of costume themes!  More on that later, but for now, I want to share with you our previous Halloween costumes!  I have to give a Shout-Out to my husband’s sister’s store.  It is called Fundaze and Holidays!  They have ALL things Halloween and this is where we go to get our “accessories!”

In 2010, it started off with “Night at the Museum” characters… and since there were two movies, we took our selections from BOTH movies.  My husband is an absolute angel… who else would put up with the costumes I make for him!  After choosing our theme this year, he told me who he wanted to be, so he is getting into this Halloween groove!

Here in Utah, it is usually COLD on Halloween.  The last thing I want is to have to put a coat over these costumes that I have spent MONTHS sewing on!  Enter in:  Cheap fleece at Walmart!  It is not the best material for a costume, but it works wonders for keeping little ones warm.  I also HATE spending money on patterns… (Costumes would look a lot better if I did, however!) So, I had an child’s pajama pattern in storage… it served as the basis for SEVERAL costumes.  We just adjusted the length and fit on them.  We also used the top for a couple of the shirts and just cut and sewed until we got the desired look.  I know… it’s primitive and my mother and Home Ec teachers are probably rolling over in their graves!  Oh well!  So without further delay, here is our 2010 Halloween Costumes:

2010 Family Halloween Theme… Night at the Museum!

For 2011, we chose “How to Train your Dragon” characters!  It was super fun!  I scoured the DI (Utah’s version of Good Will) to find any kind of fur costume I could find.  Then, we started cutting and sewing.  At the end, I was still in need of some fur, and being too cheap to go and buy some, I opted for a brown furry towel!  It worked PERFECTLY for some of the vests!

Astrid’s costume took a little creativity, but it ended looking great.  As a side not, we passed up another little “Astrid” with a store bought costume… not wanting to sound prideful or anything, but my daughter totally rocked in her costume!  We took and cut strips  out of a flimsy plastic cutting board, sprayed it silver, put holes in the end of each peace.  Attached some brads to it and somehow, we were able to attach it to her sleeves!  We had so much fun walking the neighborhoods of our town last year!  Once again, our favorite accessory store helped us out!  Don’t mind my picture… it is not easy to dress up as a viking when you are expecting a baby.  After a while, we had to call it quits… My back totally gave out on me.  One thing to remember, however, is to always remove said viking hat BEFORE getting into the car…. just sayin’!

How to Train your Dragon, 2011 Theme!

2012 you ask?  The theme has been voted on and costumes are in the process of being planned out!  Watch out for us!  It’s going to be “wicked!”