Perfect Pancakes!

Alright!  Who doesn’t love to wake up to the smell of pancakes cookin’ on the stove and bacon in the oven!  At our house, “mush” or oatmeal is served four to five times a week.  However, we allow ourselves pancakes twice a week just to give ourselves a break from the oatmeal!  Wednesdays and Saturdays are  designated “pancake” days at our house and our children don’t like to let us forget it either!  Funny how much more they are willing to help set the table at 6 in the morning when there are pancakes a cookin’ compared to the oatmeal!

Anyways, after several years of making pancakes, I think I have finally gotten the recipe down to near perfection!  So, if you like to enjoy just a little bit of heaven, then get a writing utensil out!!  Please remember this recipe feeds my family of nine with a couple of leftovers!  You might want to half this recipe for a smaller family size!

3 Cups of Milk — Now don’t skimp!  You need the fatter milk to make these work:  2%, whole (my favorite), buttermilik, or sour milk (not curdled!)

3 eggs

3/4 C of oil

Mix your wet ingredients and then add the following dry ingredients:

1 1/5 tsp salt

1 1/5 tsp baking soda

3 tsp baking powder

3 Tbl sugar

3 C of flour

Now grease, butter, or spray your griddle before each batch.  My favorite way is to spread a little butter on the griddle so that when you cook your pancakes, it puts a nice little buttery crust on the edge of the pancake!  As I said before… a little peace of heaven in your mouth!  Trust me… you will NEVER want to buy the mix stuff again…. EVER!!!

Now, having southern roots in my family tree, what pancake is complete without a spread of peanut butter, jam, and syrup?  Ooooohhhhhh yah! that’s why we only have these twice a week!  Oh did I forget to mention that about once a year, we throw in some chocolate chips?  Yep!  That puts me in my happy place!    So, go and make yourself a batch in the morning, or if you haven’t had your dinner yet, pancakes make a great dinner as well!  Hope you enjoy!